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INBISO is established in the year 2017 and committed to provide global standards in Fire and security systems through certified professionals and experienced engineers.

Ours is the First Indian manufacturing company to establish Engineered Fire prefabricated piping services for the complete fire protection solutions.

The organization has been registered under the companies act as a Private Limited company with adequate capital has been infused in the organization and we intend garnering a sizeable working capital in a continued process by attaining a good market visibility and business plan.

INBISO has been successful in delivering multiple projects to the satisfaction of their customers and build the confidence in them to ensure business continuity.


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Fire Detection System

We use fire detection systems as a precaution to warm occupants about the upcoming emergency so that they are evacuated to safer places. It is an early detection system that helps us reduce the property loss and also the operation time is reduced and we have control of our situation.

Form B

Form B is a mandatory form or certificate for fire-License or No-Objection certificate issued by the Government before obtaining the building approval plan. This certificate also enlists the Fire Safety Evaluation Clearance/ Checklist.

Repair & Enhance

Fire alarm systems work best when they work correctly. They need to be checked from time to time to see if they are efficient. In case they are not up to the mark, then the team repairs and enhances the fire safety systems to make them work faultlessly.

Inspection & Testing

Our experienced team of professionals inspect, test, and maintain fire safety systems. The technicians will be alerted and repair and replace the parts of the system before it is too late.

New Installation

An operative fire protection system commences with proper installation work. Our highly skilled professional team installs and tests the fire systems and ensures it abides by the quality standards and regulated industry standards.

Fire Marshalls

Whether it is a commercial or industrial building, our fire marshals install and test the system to ensure all standards in the industry are met. All are fire marshals, are highly skilled, and have years of experience in this field.


We undertake the maintenance of our fire safety systems from time to time. We ensure to provide outstanding customer service for every customer, for every project, and for every time.r

Fire Suppression

Fire suppression systems help to extinguish or control the spread of fire. This is usually done by using a substance and could be used in the beginning stages when heat, smoke, and other warning signals are detected.


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Pre-Action Unit

OS & Y Gate Valves

Quick response Side wall sprinklers

FM Approved Low Profile Elbow for below ducts

Braided Flexibles

Butterfly Valve

Complete Grooved Fittings

Quick response Concealed Sprinklers

Quick response sprinklers


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